Weekend Wishes : Wedding anniversary and a WINNER!

Thank you to everyone that joined in with our Giveaway!

We have a WINNER!

Giveaway WINNER!

Let us know which scarf you would prefer
(lime Dragonfly/multi butterflies)
and an address,
and we will get it in the post to you ASAP!

We have had our 3 Year anniversary this week, and I was halfway through making
a special weekend wishes edition…. Drama, Drama…
We spent an emotional anniversary with one of our kitties at the vets…
We will celebrate at a better time, however…
How do YOU like to celebrate special occasions?

A card?
A meal?
We’d love to know!

Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch!


GIVEAWAY & Fashion Friday : And you live your life with your arms stretched out.

banner ff7

Hello there!
How has this week been treating you?

I went for a little potter this afternoon after work to put together a post,
whilst listening to Bright as Yellow by the innocence mission .

Lets talk about the shoes shall we?
My shoes were selected by my 16 month nephew with the most adorable
“ssssoooooesss peeeeessss”
Who am I to argue?
They are really comfortable with a small wedge heel and ankle strap.
One of the features I love, however,  is the pattern inside the shoe.
Small details like that matter to me!
What is the element you look for when buying shoes?

The necklace is super light and at £6,
it really isn’t too hard on the pennies,
and looks really special. Win!

THe dress is one of my staple “go to” top/ dresses for this time of year.
It is long enough to be decent for work.
Cool enough that I don’t overheat (a major problem for me)
and covers up in a n elegant way.

The bracelet was a spur of the moment idea.
All you need is a pretty brooch (bee) and a string of freshwater pearls in a bracelet, and BOOM…
a pretty and unusual accessory.

On my explore (whilst running errands) I found these gorgeous
little yellow doors. I was so taken with them, they *had* to feature in here somewhere!

ff7 shoesandbagff7shoes4ff7braceletff7necklaceff7scarfff7scarfoutfitff7necklace scarves

Tunic Dress :: Adini at Stafford Cottage

Wedge shoes :: Brantano

Butterfly necklace :: Stafford cottage

Bowling bag :: Stafford Cottage


Location :: Well Hill, Roof terrace.

Styled by :: Jen
Photography by :: Jen

Happy weekend, are up to anything lovely?
Dont forget to enter our giveaway…details below!
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch


(International entries are subject to airmail/ postage costs …)
Giveaway will close at Sunday 30.06.13 at 8pm GMT

ff7 scarf bed runner
Just to give you an idea of how big these scarves are, they can be used as a bed runner!

3 Years ago today …




I married my best friend.

Later on this week, I will share a few home made elements and a themed weekend wishes.
Off out for a romantic walk after an emotional roller coaster of a day.
Have a great evening!


Fashion Friday : These Fragments of time


Happy Friday everyone!
Greetings from a muggy and sticky Minchinhampton today!
Its been the very best of British “Summertime” weather this week, a little bit of everything.
How is the weather with you?

We are busily making goodies for the Country Fayre in September.
Something to look forward to!
This song has been the soundtrack to our week here at Made in Minch HQ.

“Fragments Of Time”
(feat. Todd Edwards)

Driving this road down to paradise

Letting the sun light into my eyes
Our only plan is to improvise
And it’s crystal clear
That I don’t ever want it to end
If I had my way I would never leave
Keep building these random memories
Turning our days into melodies
But since I can’t stayI’ll just keep playing back
These fragments of time
Everywhere I go 
These moments will shine
This dress will be a firm favourite I think.
Polka dots, a lazy summer colour palette… what more could you want?
I’m more than a little bit in love with these wedge shoes too…
They are just the right height to pair with jeans for a date night,
and look pretty with a dress too.
The necklace is one of my own designs.
I love those prettily decorative bead caps.

2 3 4 5 6 71 8

9Dress :: Heart at Stafford Cottage

Wedge  shoes (similar) :: Moshulu

Lime necklace :: MADE IN MINCH

Basket :: Stafford Cottage

Location :: Beacon Park Common, and Amberley Common.

Styled by :: Jen
Photography by :: Jen & James

Happy weekend everyone, up to anything lovely?
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch

Fashion Friday : Wedding and Orange fever


Hello there.
As predicted, life has been a little hectic these days…
I can scarcely believe that we will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary soon…
In honour of that and whilst we had some lovely weather,
Here is a “Jen wedding style” Fashion Friday post.
I have discovered, or rediscovered should I say….

My love of all things Orange.
What is your favourite colour?

These Flowers were a gift and are my favourite hue…
I keep them in a precious spotty planter from our wedding.
A favourite reminder of a special day almost 3 years ago!

I am also more than a little bit in love with this dress.
The texture, the colour combinations and the shimmer
all create such a beautifully shaped dress that
really is perfect for any occasion.

2Now these really are occasion shoes.
They were kindly given to me by my Bride friend when I was her Bridesmaid last year.
I perhaps would not have chosen these for myself,
but they really are a very glamorous addition to my collection.
Those little orange toes?
For my birthday a friend gave me this gorgeous Nail varnish, tones in beautifully!


The bracelets are just darling.
Each with a little quote that can be read around the edge.
I really like the weight of them as a set, but they are sold individually too!

The bag is another of those rather nifty clutch/shoulder bag inventions…
This comes in remarkably handy at a party/wedding etc.
The choice of how to style it is really useful and practical too.

The gorgeous cardigan has become a staple for the summer already.
Its light, colourful and those little pleats add a touch of uniqueness.
The iridescent buttons are a really pretty touch also.

Make up wise, thoroughly recommend Vanessa at Brookes Beauty in the High St.
Vanessa has come to my rescue many times…
(*cough cough* Wedding day)
There is always a top notch service, perhaps with a giggle or two.
I leave with a smile, feeling ready to face my next occasion, prepared and confident.

4 5
11 cardiorange 6

Coral Cardigan :: Adini at Stafford Cottage

Dress :: Heart at Stafford Cottage

“Bridesmaid” Platform shoes (similar) :: Next

Sing, Live, Love Bracelets (sold seperately) :: Stafford Cottage £9

Bag :: Stafford Cottage £15

Location :: Our Roof terrace. Minchinhampton High St.

Styled by :: Jen and Coral
Photography by :: Jen & James

Happy weekend everyone, up to anything lovely?
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch

S + J x

Fashion Fridays : Small town girl

Having lived in Minchinhampton my whole life, (minus an ill fated university stay)
It’s safe to say I am somewhat in love with my little hometown.

I love the friendly “Hello” in the street every morning.
I adore the lifelong friends that pop by,
the quaint Cotswold streets and
the huge expanse of common land on my doorstep.
Our town boasts beautiful views, gorgeous shops
with tasty local produce and  a wonderful countryside lifestyle!

 “Village Life” can be immensely hard to handle sometimes.
It’s not for everyone….
Every other person knows your business and  it can take 20 minutes just to get to your car due to chatter…
However, I think my fellow Minchinhamptonites
can be some of the most fiercely loyal, friendly and helpful people
in the most challenging of times.

What do you love about where you live?

small town

selected areafridayshoesbaglegs necklacebraceletnecklacebagchurch

Forest Swirl Tunic :: Capri at Stafford Cottage

Loose weave Cardigan :: Gringo at Stafford Cottage

Skinny Jeans :: Brandtex at Stafford CottageStafford Cottage

Turquoise Pumps :: Sugar Shoes

Millifiori heart bracelet :: Stafford Cottage £15.50

Bag :: for sale on my ebay (soon!)

Pretty glass bead necklace :: Stafford Cottage£15

Location :: Minchinhampton Town.

Styled by :: Jen
Photography by :: Jen & James

Happy weekend everyone, up to anything nice?
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch

S + J x

Just as a littleP.S of interest

This is an amazingly inspiring post, check it out!

Jen :: {Currently 3}


Watching/using …. A Beautiful mess App….MAJORLY loving this…

hope you are ready for Instagram to explode with this!

Listening: Daft Punk :: Get Lucky.
This song makes me very glad that summertime is on the way!.

Eating:  Walkers Sensations Chicken crisps…insanely good …

Thinking about: Shoes,(still)
I *think*  these colour block wedges have been bought for my birthday!
My new wildcat shoes (above) are the major obsession atm!
(They are me and not me at the same time)

Looking forward to:  Spending time with family and friends – I cant wait for the summer!

What about you?
How are you doing?

If you fancy playing along please leave a comment and a link to your blog!
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch Jx