Weekend Wishes: The Lemon Edition

Hello Made in Minch readers!
How is your week going?
At M-I-M HQ, we have been a little
under the weather this week.
Consequently Pinterest became a great source of lemon
based home remedy concoctions…
Do you have a “go to” home remedy?
Lemons are the theme for this weeks Weekend wishes


Here are a few yellow felt flowers which will be a hairclip/brooch clip.
I made this today, it feels strangely productive!

Polyvore is so addictive!
This would be how I am planning to style my Joules dress.
Everything about this dress is very me!

Source: theberry.com via Christy on Pinterest

This is a rather adorable yellow coat.
I have one similar in grey.
A yellow one would be more cheerful!

Well, I am just a tiny bit obsessed with all things macaroons…
How cool are these lemon shaped ones?

A refreshing cucumber and Lemon Water drink…
Infused loveliness!

Source: kisswedding.com via Anne on Pinterest

Just because we are already married,
Doesn’t mean you can admire weddings!
Wow,what a beautiful colour scheme/theme here!

Source: folksy.com via Rhonda on Pinterest

A teeny tiny lemon meringue ring 🙂

Love these lemon accents in this room.
Sparingly used, it can be spectacularly effective!

Source: curbly.com via Julia on Pinterest

A pretty way to use up some lemons at home,
May try this this week

Source: society6.com via Karrah on Pinterest

Just because it made *me* laugh!
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
Enjoy your week! Jen

S+J x


Weekend Wishes :The snowflake Edition

Hello there intrepid blog readers 🙂
Welcome to our wintry corner of the Cotswolds.
We know plenty of you have been out enjoying the snow with littlies.
We’ve been searching for some great ideas to share with you…
But first, here is a glimpse of Minchinhampton life under the flakes!

2013snow (2)

2013snow (1)

2013snow (4)

2013snow (3)

Making the most of a cosy afternoon browsing POLYVORE
Here is what we would wrap up in over this chilly weekend!

Check out these amazing Ginger Snowflake Cookies.
A steady hand would be useful for this precise icing.
Each one is individual- we like this!

Look at the pretty colours!
These could be seriously addictive, don’t you think?

Source: facebook.com via Jessie on Pinterest

If you’ve got tiny tots we bet you can’t wait to try this one out!
food coloured water in bottles and go out painting!

This one has already been quite popular with our friends on facebook already
Fill balloons with coloured water (food colouring)
Leave them in the snow overnight
Then in the morning…..Giant marbles!
This would be fun for all of the family!

If being inside is more your thing,

how about making a Paper Snowflake curtain?

Pretty aaaaaaaand topical!

Source: flickr.com via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Could resist this one Button Snowflake!

Source: shanty-2-chic.com via Elaine on Pinterest

                                                                          ; When all else fails…

Source: keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk via First Night Design on Pinterest

What have you all been up to on these precious snow days?
Meet you up on the common tomorrow!
Handmade Dreams are madeinminch!S+Jx

A slightly delayed Weekend Wishes: The Big cat Edition

Its been a hectic summer,
full of excitment and adventures. 
Shani had a very well deserved treat of being whisked
off to see  the wonder that is “The Lion King” stage show.

Source: google.com via Rachel on Pinterest

A few Zazu inpsired outfits.

Source: fuckyeahdisneyfashion.tumblr.com via Amanda on Pinterest

How adorable is this for a Disney Prince or Princess?

Source: disneybaby.com via Brooke on Pinterest

Beautiful inspired jewellery

Source: via Holli on Pinterest

Hand painted shoes

Source: etsy.com via Kenzie on Pinterest

With all these wonderful inspirational finds from pinterest,
Jen was all inspired with these threads… Any ideas of the next M-I-M projects?

When all else fails…

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

What have you been up to?

Dreams are Made in Minch

SandJ x


Source: zazzle.co.uk via MrsT on Pinterest

Well, what a whirlwind of a weekend it has been!
Britain does celebrating in style so very, very well.
It has been hard to sum up the joy and excitement of the past few days.
Flags, bunting, smiles galore, it really has been a celebration to remember.

Celebrating 60 years of HM Elizabeth II as our Queen.

Street Party fever

DIY Crown

Get inspired by our Rainbow Monarch!

Source: topnfun.com via Ingrid on Pinterest

This was very Appropriate

finally, God Bless the Queen!

Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
What did you get upto over the Jubliee Weekend?

Weekend Wishes : The high heeled Edition

As a recent covert Jen has been in training to wear heels.
This has inspired the newest illustration in her sketchbook…

Every Girl knows how important
a decent pair of high heels can be.
They can make or break and outfit

Make or break confidence.
High heels are not only a wardrobe luxury,
they are super pretty for inspiration too!
Check out the beautiful focus and opulence of this pair.

Source: tumblr.com via Aen on Pinterest

How about some jewellery for your feet?

No other words, other than WOW for this amazing shoe cake!

Source: cakewrecks.com via Lisa on Pinterest

The idea of making heels
shoe storage a feature

Source: diyprojects.tumblr.com via Hillary on Pinterest

Adore the way an outfit can be pulled together.

They can inspire an entire outfit
and be the finishing touch

Source: honeybeeinthecity.blogspot.co.uk via Jennifer on Pinterest

Do you have a quick fix,
go to favourite pair of heels?
Lets us know!
Have a fabulous weekend.
Handmade in Minch
s+j x

Weekend in sight inspiration

Hurrah! It’s almost here!
How is your week going?
We’ve discovered polyvore.


An amazing website to design collections of your very own!
Do go and investigate, dont forget to friend us…
We’d love to see yours too!
Here is something to brighten your senses…
how adorable is the clutch?

Source: jennifer-taylor.polyvore.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

We’ve been enjoying the watery sunbeams,
and managed to get out on the common.
The beautiful colours inspired this …

In local news, the cows are out!
We love our free roaming cattle on the common.
Take care when you are out and about!

Enjoy the wind down to your weekend!
Handmade Dreams are made in minch
S+J x