One Year on…

Hello readers, Jen here….Goodness me, time flies…

Almost a whole year has passed since our last post.
Seb is now a whole year old…a real little man.

I have moved down the hill to Rodborough, our first beautiful little home.
A red bricked slice of heaven.
I am now a Working Mama and Seb has discovered a love of art.
I am keeping as creative as time allows…
With a little card making and (sporadic) jewellery making –
I alsoam taking part in One little Word 2015 and GetMessyArtjournal workshops…
wow, a busy bee!

Whats new with you?

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Shani has been a busy bee, setting up Hampton Cakes

Her beautiful artisan cakes are just fabulous.
She made this amazing Bunny Cake for our little man’s Blessing day.


Some exciting news :)



Here at Made in Minch HQ, we are delighted to announce the safe arrival of Sebastian Ray Taylor born on 22.03.14 (hopefully this explains the lack of blog activity and fashion Fridays!) we are really enjoying newborn life and I was even making jewellery during early labour-that’s dedication!

Our maternity photos were taken by the wonderful Camilla Reynolds way back in January.
It was so much fun!Camilla put us straight at ease, in our most beloved place(The common) and we were lucky with the light beautifully caught on camera forever. We are so pleased to capture such a magical time in our life story!
Just thought you’d like to know! Thanks for your support- Jen and baby Seb x

Jen :: Currently {2}


Watching: Utterly addicted to the New Girl and Two Broke girls
Jess is back on form in the new series, hilarious and beautiful…a sure favourite !
Max and Caroline are my kryptonite! I cant stop watching them….

Listening: Maxwell Phoenix Rise.
This song is amazing, a fusion of soul, funk and jazz influences but instrumental…incredible.

Reading: Homemaker Magazine, I’m seriously considering a subscription!

Eating: My treat of choice, Winstones Ice cream in chocolate ripple flavour…
Situated on the common, there is nothing better than popping in and having a sweet treat on the way home!
Insanely good, local and tastes like nothing else…

Thinking about:
 Shoes, I feel I’m in need of something new.
Loving these pretty desert boots, these colour block wedges,
and these orange pumps are from Clarks and
also these awesome wedge types from NEW LOOK.

Looking forward to:driving in the summer with the windows down
and the sunshine shining on our pretty part of the cotswolds!

What about you?
How are you doing?

If you fancy playing along please leave a comment and a link to your blog!
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch Jx

Weekend Wishes : The Horse Lovers Edition


Welcome to a rather special edition of Weekend Wishes.
Last year , Badminton Horse Trials were cancelled due to bad weather 😦
Read about last year’s weekend wishes : The pony club edition  here
Badminton weekend is a local tradition.
Horse lovers and Country folk unite to celebrate all that is good in horse land.

We go for the shopping *shhhhhhhhhh!*
and to support our Lovely Royal Neighbour, Zara Phillips.
The competition is split into three key events. Dressage, Cross Country and Show jumping.

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

                                                                               Here is a beautiful shot of the Water jump !


We have been getting all excited with everything horselike in the Shop this weekend,
here are our lovely scarves!

Now its time for some Pinterest Love!

Look at this adorable dress for little ones.

Source: via Krista on Pinterest




A horse feature wall like this would be amazing!




Baby Pony artwork by Local artist Casey Rogers at Casey’s Place

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest






Teeny tiny horse necklace

Source: via Glenda on Pinterest





Love this printed dress design.

Source: via Monique on Pinterest






What cool Pony themed parties!




Horse themed cupcakes!





Very cool vintage Décor

Source: via Miska on Pinterest




These shoes are divine

















Amazing tutorial on these hobbyhorses



Horse art

Source: via Peg on Pinterest

These are such a cute idea for a new Mr and Mrs

Surely sometimes all you need is a cuddle?

Have a wonderful weekend!
We are off to paint in the sunshine!
What are you up to?
Love S and Jx

Jen : Currently {1}

Tonights feature is inspired by Krysten at Why-Girls-Are-Weird

Jen:currently {1}

Watching: Utterly addicted to the Great British Sewing Bee.
Loving the challenges and my girl crush Claudia is on form!

Listening: I discovered the Fossil Collective by complete chance.
The melodies are incredible and stay with you all day.
This song is on repeat non stop.

Reading: Toddler Taming By Dr Christopher Green. Just  having a quick flick through for some babysitting tips.
Delving in to this on the “Tantrum” Section to get some ideas for the future and be prepared!

Eating: Totally addicted to Sweet and Salt popcorn. I’ve only just discovered this beauty, also hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. Not so kind on the healthy front, but the non-fat popcorn cancels it out in my opinion!

Thinking about:
 Sorting and organizing. New adventures and new beginnings on the horizon.

Looking forward to: the summertime. I can’t wait to wiggle my toes in the sands of Cornwall, feel the sunbeams on my skin and see the world burst into flower.

What about you?
How are you doing?

If you fancy playing along please leave a comment and a link to your blog!
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch Jx

Exploring the Cotswolds : Gloucester

Hello there!
How is your week going?
We had an unexpectedly lovely walk around our county town Gloucester this week. Some times Gloucester loses out to it’s more glamourous neighbour Cheltenham but It was a real treat to wander the streets at 7pm in the balmy spring evening air. Such a wo
nderfully welcome break from the Siberian blast we have recently been on the receiving end of!
The Mr and myself pottered along to The Cathedral, which was waiting for us, silently majestic in the heart of a bustling city.
This enormous doorway really put into perspective how tiny we are, and how clever our predecessors have been in creating such a special building.
Some canny eyed readers may recognise some parts of the Cathedral from the Harry Potter films.You can take a virtual tour here. The Cloisters are a worth a post on another day to themselves. It is so easy to forget how awe inspiring this building must have seemed to the Pilgrims who had traveled to visit from faraway lands, and how imposing it must have been on the skyline.


The city is full of history and amazing backdrops, check out this chevron style door!

My favourite part was this mosaic in the middle of the pavement.


I will definitely try to explore this pretty city on my door step.
These are picked from my Instagram, and have made up much of my One little Word project this week.

Have you found any cool local spots to you recently?

Dreams are Made in Minch!

Weekend Wishes : Easter Edition

Wow, we’ve had an exciting Easter Weekend over here!
Eggs galore, with a few gloriously watery sunbeams…
Shani had blown these amazing eggs and painted
them (Blog post to follow)

(Basket given by a wonderful sister, Eggs painted by Shani and Bunnies by Lovely Grandparents)

(Basket given by a wonderful sister, Eggs painted by Shani and Bunnies by Lovely Grandparents)

We had a lovely time… friends, family, chocolate….
As for Decorating….At our home it has not been
too over the top, just some sweet little decorations
in our fireplace.

Decorations at home

Decorations at home

We spent a *lovely* day today wandering through
Malvern’s Flea Market.
It was my very first time at one of these things.
My BBF Vikki of Lemoncurd Photography
had encouraged me to go for it!
I was a little intimidated, but after a little while
I picked up some AMAZING
These beads were too enticing to resist.
(Post to follow as to what these become!)

My Easter Flea Market Treaures

My Easter Flea Market Treaures

The other thing that stole my heart was this adorable quilt.
It reminded me of one of my favourite bloggers,
Mrs Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave.
Read about her thrifted quilts here and here.
Find her gorgeously handmade wedding quilt here.

The colours, combinations of patterns and the lovely seller
made this quilt come home with me.
I’m a great admirer of a prettily put together quilt.

This darling quilt had me at hello.

This darling quilt had me at hello.

I’ve tried to make a few quilts in my time.
I so love them!
Here is my effort from a while back…
Its been dearly loved by another BFF 🙂

What have you been up to this Easter Bank Holiday weekend?
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
Jen +Shani xoxo