Weekend Wishes : The Table Runner Edition


Greetings from a mizzly Minchinhampton this evening!
How are you?

A little while ago, Jen created a very special commissioned table runner for her BFF.
the brief was “Blue,pink, ditzy flowers”
Luckily, the right combination of fabrics were found, some heat
resistant wadding purchased, and we were well on the way!



This then instigated a PINTEREST flurry of inspiration…

Which is your favourite style?

We LOVE this chevron table runner, simple, clean, beautiful!




What an a amazing table runner using old books.




A great little tutorial for a DIY skinny runner here



A cleverly created doily table runner

Source: squidoo.com via Jacie on Pinterest

A cute little wooden runner

Using up ribbons and trimmings in a very cool way.

Cheap and cheerful brown paper –winner!

Hope you are well? How do you dress up your table?
Have a great week, Handmade dreams are made in minch
SandJ xx


Weekend Wishes : Advent Ideas

…. And so it seems December is almost upon us.
This time of year is so full of excitement, christmas magic and cheer,
we thought it might be festive to share the pins we have
spotted on Pinterest that are inspiring us for Advent.

This is a firm favourite.
Would this not  be a lovely Tradition to start?
A different Nativity/winter/Christmas story
each evening before advent bedtimes.

Envelopes make a clean, neat and tidy focal point.
It makes a great visual display for the *OCD* in us!

Little Buckets of fun!

Advent challenges/activities…
this could be a good one to focus on the experience of
Christmas rather than spending lots of extra pennies.
Activities could include, Choose and buy your tree for example.

Love the matchboxes too.

Christmas cheer calendar.
Might be be good to involve tots in the making here!

Adore this idea.
A lovely reason to remember and reminisce about
why each ornament is special in the run up to Christmas.
(This might take a little organizing ahead of time though!
Attic adventures)

(follow the link to free printable activity cards)

Advent colouring sheets.

Enjoy your advent preparations.
What Traditions do you and your family have?
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
S+J x

Weekend in sight inspiration

Hurrah! It’s almost here!
How is your week going?
We’ve discovered polyvore.


An amazing website to design collections of your very own!
Do go and investigate, dont forget to friend us…
We’d love to see yours too!
Here is something to brighten your senses…
how adorable is the clutch?

Source: jennifer-taylor.polyvore.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

We’ve been enjoying the watery sunbeams,
and managed to get out on the common.
The beautiful colours inspired this …

In local news, the cows are out!
We love our free roaming cattle on the common.
Take care when you are out and about!

Enjoy the wind down to your weekend!
Handmade Dreams are made in minch
S+J x

Weekend Wishes : The Wellington Boot Edition

Its been a mixed bag of tricks, weatherwise, in our corner of the cotswolds this weekend.
We’ve had everything from sunny picnic lunches, hailstorms, rainbows, rain like you wouldn’t believe and all in the space of a hour or so…. Its only fitting that we are prepared for such things… hence a wellington boot themed Weekend Wishes Edition.
Here we go! First off, what a beautiful example of illustration, and gorgeous handwriting

Source: Uploaded by user via Val on Pinterest

This is such an amazing way to use up your old wellies.

Jen seems to have a penchant for splitting them right on the inside on the foot….
1 cheap pair lasted for 15 years…then 6 pairs in 12 months alone!
At least they will get a new lease of life!

Work those wellies as part of an outfit.
Embrace your innerfashionista

Source: nymag.com via Erin on Pinterest

look at the wellies for tiny tots!

Source: zakka-candy.net via colorandtexture on Pinterest

Customising wellies is a fabulous idea.
Especially if you stuck indoors with tiny ones.
Then it is mandatory to go out and test said newly designed footwear in some puddles.
Its only right.

Source: thetrendygirl.net via Gwendoline on Pinterest

Next in our sights is this Welly Printed fabric.
If made in oilskin how cute would a little raincoat be out of this?!

Source: etsy.com via Megan on Pinterest

Now we *really* get to it….. I have a friend who is getting perturbed at the forcast for her wedding in May… WORRY NOT!
This is for you! Living in the country we all love a good wedding.
This is just plain sensible!

Source: Uploaded by user via ADRIA on Pinterest

A wellington boot wearing bride…

Source: weddingtonboots.com via Natalie on Pinterest

Wedding/welly obsession much?!?!

Source: weheartit.com via Ashley on Pinterest

We love the idea of this necklace celebrating our famous weather

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

This is really impressive welly storage, dont you think?

There really  is nothing better!

We’ve packed a lot into our weekend already, and this morning looks no differesnt. Scrapbook commissions, 4 in 1 dresses, booties and dungarees… busy busy! But rest assured, we’ll be making the most out of the sunbeams and go splashing this afternoon.
What are your plans?
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
Love S+J x

Washed out Wednesday

Good afternoon on this washout of a Wednesday in our cotswold village.
What have you been upto whilst dodging raindrops?
Jen has been a busy bee sorting out her rather extensive button collection into these adorable gingham topped jars.
Not only are they rather eyecatching, they stack beautifully and make a feature out of your stash!


Shani has been creating more reversable booties , she is a one woman baby bootie making machine!

Back onto the subject of being inspired….today, we only had to look out of our window….
Somehow… it would have been great to have seen this 🙂

Source: vi.sualize.us via Dana on Pinterest


This illustration will just blow you away

Whilst on the subject of a washout… how fun does this look to try?

Source: thebeautydepartment.com via Nicola on Pinterest

Just a thought for the day… and we agree, just look outside your door. See the beauty in everyday life.

Source: goo.gl via Khalilah on Pinterest

What did you get up to today?

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch

An exciting day out

We had a lovely day out with Nails worth & District Flower Arrangement Society presenting
‘Discovering Diversity’ at Wycliffe College.
We were lucky enough to be invited to attend with our Made in  Minch stall accompanying Stafford Cottage.
We have been busy bees preparing  our stall, sewing frantically until the wee hours of this morning, making sure we had pretty dresses to display.
We have been scouting for new fabrics, combinations and inspiration, so be sure to drop by here to see what we are doing.
 The first part of the morning included a superbly inspiring talk on the Gardens of Japan by Writer Tony Russell , author of Gardens to visit. We had already mentally packed our travelleing wardrobe by the interval!
The cherry Blossoms, gardens and culture look so inviting….
In the afternoon we were treated to a whistlestop demo of 7 beautiful arrangements by National Demonstrator David Ryland.

As Jen only had the iphone, apologies for lack of clarity!
We were intrigued by David’s waistcoat.
it is made entirely from Black bin bags.
Knitting never looked so cool!
The corsage is made from tea bags…very clever!
If you came, we hope you popped over to day HI!
A wonderful day out, interesting, and a GOOD day for Made in Minch – Our 4 in  dresses flew off the shelf!
Do you have a favourite flower?

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch
S+J x

WEEKEND WISHES: The Cupcake Edition

Well hello there!
It has been rather damp here in our village today…the threatening clouds have hung around all day and have finally dumped the wet stuff well and truely on us!
We have had a wonderfully creative weekend, we have designed some new button jewellery.
 (These will be hopefully debuting at the Stafford Cottage Fashion Show next Friday- and then be available online afterwards

It has been a rather special few days for one half of our team.
It was Shani’s Birthday 🙂
(We need no excuse for creative sessions full of laughter, paint, buttons and cake….)
Shani is a super inspiring lady to be around.
She’s constantly full of ideas, practical advice and a warm smile or two.
I never see her more happy than when she is creating, teaching, and learning new things.
Shani is one special lady. A firm friend indeed, and there is no better way to celebrate than a birthday inspired inspiration post!

A definate must for every fashionista cupcake lover…the ultimate in edible and inspirational accessories!

Source: go-lightly.ca via Elyse on Pinterest

Cupcake in a teacup…is there a more heavenly combination?
No.We don’t think so either!

Two of Shani’s great loves….cooking and SHOES!

incredibly cute necklace

How amazing is this birthstone cupcake necklace?


These look like they could be fun to make….and more calorie friendly 🙂

Such a Shani colour combination!

Source: etsy.com via Bre on Pinterest

We will leave you with this thought…

Do you have any cupcake recipes you’d like to share?
Have a great weekend
Handmade dreams are Made in Minch
love S+J