Weekend Wishes : The Table Runner Edition


Greetings from a mizzly Minchinhampton this evening!
How are you?

A little while ago, Jen created a very special commissioned table runner for her BFF.
the brief was “Blue,pink, ditzy flowers”
Luckily, the right combination of fabrics were found, some heat
resistant wadding purchased, and we were well on the way!



This then instigated a PINTEREST flurry of inspiration…

Which is your favourite style?

We LOVE this chevron table runner, simple, clean, beautiful!




What an a amazing table runner using old books.




A great little tutorial for a DIY skinny runner here



A cleverly created doily table runner

Source: squidoo.com via Jacie on Pinterest

A cute little wooden runner

Using up ribbons and trimmings in a very cool way.

Cheap and cheerful brown paper –winner!

Hope you are well? How do you dress up your table?
Have a great week, Handmade dreams are made in minch
SandJ xx


Fashion Friday : Pocketful of sunshine


Crikey, what a marvelous array of weather that has been displayed in the Village today!
Glorious sunshine, rain like nothing else, hail, thunder, wind and sunshine again…
Well I think a bright burst of sunshiny goodness is definitely what we are in need of now.







                                                                                     Source: pinterest.com via Penelope on Pinterest


Yellow slub Tunic :: Adini at Stafford Cottage

Black/Grey Waffle coat :: Adini at Stafford Cottage

Leggings :: Primark

Boots :: Florence and Fred

Bag :: Bessie Bag at Jungle Boutique in Cirencester £21

Feathered Friend Hair Clip by MADE IN MINCH 

heart (nurses style – upside down watch )necklace :: Stafford Cottage£25

Location :: The Park ,Minchinhampton Common.

Styled by :: Jen
Photography by :: Jen & James

Weekend Wishes: The Lemon Edition

Hello Made in Minch readers!
How is your week going?
At M-I-M HQ, we have been a little
under the weather this week.
Consequently Pinterest became a great source of lemon
based home remedy concoctions…
Do you have a “go to” home remedy?
Lemons are the theme for this weeks Weekend wishes


Here are a few yellow felt flowers which will be a hairclip/brooch clip.
I made this today, it feels strangely productive!

Polyvore is so addictive!
This would be how I am planning to style my Joules dress.
Everything about this dress is very me!

Source: theberry.com via Christy on Pinterest

This is a rather adorable yellow coat.
I have one similar in grey.
A yellow one would be more cheerful!

Well, I am just a tiny bit obsessed with all things macaroons…
How cool are these lemon shaped ones?

A refreshing cucumber and Lemon Water drink…
Infused loveliness!

Source: kisswedding.com via Anne on Pinterest

Just because we are already married,
Doesn’t mean you can admire weddings!
Wow,what a beautiful colour scheme/theme here!

Source: folksy.com via Rhonda on Pinterest

A teeny tiny lemon meringue ring 🙂

Love these lemon accents in this room.
Sparingly used, it can be spectacularly effective!

Source: curbly.com via Julia on Pinterest

A pretty way to use up some lemons at home,
May try this this week

Source: society6.com via Karrah on Pinterest

Just because it made *me* laugh!
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
Enjoy your week! Jen

S+J x

Christmas Goodies

Where has the time gone?!
The Christmas count down is almost upon us, and we’ve been as busy as elves making christmas delights!

Here are a few of the treats we have over at Stafford Cottage on Minchinhampton High St.

Little button Trees

Mini Festive Wreaths

Embroidered Snowflakes

Our MadeinMinch Handcrafted collection!

We’ve had great fun designing and making these dinky decorations,
Do you have any decorations that are special to you?
We’d love to hear your stories
Handmade Dreams are made in Minch

Love S+J

Washed out Wednesday

Good afternoon on this washout of a Wednesday in our cotswold village.
What have you been upto whilst dodging raindrops?
Jen has been a busy bee sorting out her rather extensive button collection into these adorable gingham topped jars.
Not only are they rather eyecatching, they stack beautifully and make a feature out of your stash!


Shani has been creating more reversable booties , she is a one woman baby bootie making machine!

Back onto the subject of being inspired….today, we only had to look out of our window….
Somehow… it would have been great to have seen this 🙂

Source: vi.sualize.us via Dana on Pinterest


This illustration will just blow you away

Whilst on the subject of a washout… how fun does this look to try?

Source: thebeautydepartment.com via Nicola on Pinterest

Just a thought for the day… and we agree, just look outside your door. See the beauty in everyday life.

Source: goo.gl via Khalilah on Pinterest

What did you get up to today?

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch

An exciting day out

We had a lovely day out with Nails worth & District Flower Arrangement Society presenting
‘Discovering Diversity’ at Wycliffe College.
We were lucky enough to be invited to attend with our Made in  Minch stall accompanying Stafford Cottage.
We have been busy bees preparing  our stall, sewing frantically until the wee hours of this morning, making sure we had pretty dresses to display.
We have been scouting for new fabrics, combinations and inspiration, so be sure to drop by here to see what we are doing.
 The first part of the morning included a superbly inspiring talk on the Gardens of Japan by Writer Tony Russell , author of Gardens to visit. We had already mentally packed our travelleing wardrobe by the interval!
The cherry Blossoms, gardens and culture look so inviting….
In the afternoon we were treated to a whistlestop demo of 7 beautiful arrangements by National Demonstrator David Ryland.

As Jen only had the iphone, apologies for lack of clarity!
We were intrigued by David’s waistcoat.
it is made entirely from Black bin bags.
Knitting never looked so cool!
The corsage is made from tea bags…very clever!
If you came, we hope you popped over to day HI!
A wonderful day out, interesting, and a GOOD day for Made in Minch – Our 4 in  dresses flew off the shelf!
Do you have a favourite flower?

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch
S+J x

Dedicated to the ones we love :) – COMMISSION

It is only fitting to suggest Dedicated to the one I love by the Mamas and the Papas as a soundtrack to this post.
The reason behind this is because we had a rather special request for commisson for a dedication outfit.

We Adore the spots and checks, which combinations of fabric do you tend to gravitate towards?

Shani created the beautifully crafted dungarees, complete with poppers for easy changing, and Jen designed the free embroidered patch with personalised embellishment.

and just when it couldnt get any more cute,….. check out the booties 🙂
Fully reversable, and hopefully will be available on our etsy shop soon.We’ll keep you updated!

and here is the little man on his very special day

Here his is with his most amazingly co-ordinated family

Yes you are right to do a double take, Here is his Gorgeous big sister in one of our 4 in 1 dresses 🙂

On a rare Sunny March day in the UK, incase we don’t see a sunbeam again for a while…..This should cheer you up

A beautiful day for a Beautiful family
Thank you for letting us share your day
Handmade Dreams are Made in minch
SandJ xx