Fashion Friday : Wedding and Orange fever


Hello there.
As predicted, life has been a little hectic these days…
I can scarcely believe that we will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary soon…
In honour of that and whilst we had some lovely weather,
Here is a “Jen wedding style” Fashion Friday post.
I have discovered, or rediscovered should I say….

My love of all things Orange.
What is your favourite colour?

These Flowers were a gift and are my favourite hue…
I keep them in a precious spotty planter from our wedding.
A favourite reminder of a special day almost 3 years ago!

I am also more than a little bit in love with this dress.
The texture, the colour combinations and the shimmer
all create such a beautifully shaped dress that
really is perfect for any occasion.

2Now these really are occasion shoes.
They were kindly given to me by my Bride friend when I was her Bridesmaid last year.
I perhaps would not have chosen these for myself,
but they really are a very glamorous addition to my collection.
Those little orange toes?
For my birthday a friend gave me this gorgeous Nail varnish, tones in beautifully!


The bracelets are just darling.
Each with a little quote that can be read around the edge.
I really like the weight of them as a set, but they are sold individually too!

The bag is another of those rather nifty clutch/shoulder bag inventions…
This comes in remarkably handy at a party/wedding etc.
The choice of how to style it is really useful and practical too.

The gorgeous cardigan has become a staple for the summer already.
Its light, colourful and those little pleats add a touch of uniqueness.
The iridescent buttons are a really pretty touch also.

Make up wise, thoroughly recommend Vanessa at Brookes Beauty in the High St.
Vanessa has come to my rescue many times…
(*cough cough* Wedding day)
There is always a top notch service, perhaps with a giggle or two.
I leave with a smile, feeling ready to face my next occasion, prepared and confident.

4 5
11 cardiorange 6

Coral Cardigan :: Adini at Stafford Cottage

Dress :: Heart at Stafford Cottage

“Bridesmaid” Platform shoes (similar) :: Next

Sing, Live, Love Bracelets (sold seperately) :: Stafford Cottage £9

Bag :: Stafford Cottage £15

Location :: Our Roof terrace. Minchinhampton High St.

Styled by :: Jen and Coral
Photography by :: Jen & James

Happy weekend everyone, up to anything lovely?
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch

S + J x


Fashion Fridays : Playing Dress up


Hello there, Good morning!
How are you?
Welcome to our 4th Fashion Friday ~ hurrah!
This is a feature celebrating fashion and accessories, showcasing items
from our local ladies boutique Stafford Cottage
….and pieces from our own wardrobes!
We were lulled into a false sense of security
with the little sunshine we had over the Bank Holiday here…
Thankfully we managed to get out and about in between showers
over the week to bring you this weeks Fashion Friday!

FF4shoes trousers



This frill Clutch is so cute, it has a small chain to be transformed into a shoulder bag too.
Very versatile colour don’t you think?



This necklace is one of my very own that I made from our
“Vintage” selection of coloured buttons!
Ones like it are available at Stafford cottage, for £22
They are such a conversation starter, and actually really light to wear.


Spotted Tunic :: Adini at Stafford Cottage
Cardigan  :: 
Adini at Stafford Cottage

White Linen Trousers :: TU at Sainsburys
Shoes :: Clarks
Bag :: Frill clutch (and with chain) evening bag at Stafford Cottage £21
necklace :: MADE IN MINCH@ Stafford Cottage£22

Location :: Our roof terrace ,Minchinhampton High Street.

Styled by :: Jen
Photography by :: Jen & James

                                                                                  Source: Uploaded by user via Dawn on Pinterest




What are your plans for the weekend?
Hope you manage to dodge those raindrops!
Dreams are Made in Minch


Fashion Friday : Pocketful of sunshine


Crikey, what a marvelous array of weather that has been displayed in the Village today!
Glorious sunshine, rain like nothing else, hail, thunder, wind and sunshine again…
Well I think a bright burst of sunshiny goodness is definitely what we are in need of now.







                                                                                     Source: via Penelope on Pinterest


Yellow slub Tunic :: Adini at Stafford Cottage

Black/Grey Waffle coat :: Adini at Stafford Cottage

Leggings :: Primark

Boots :: Florence and Fred

Bag :: Bessie Bag at Jungle Boutique in Cirencester £21

Feathered Friend Hair Clip by MADE IN MINCH 

heart (nurses style – upside down watch )necklace :: Stafford Cottage£25

Location :: The Park ,Minchinhampton Common.

Styled by :: Jen
Photography by :: Jen & James

Fashion Fridays : Tan and Stripes


Welcome to a new adventure.
We are hoping to add to our “Weekend Wishes” feature to include “Fashion Fridays”.
This move was inspired by Katherine McAdoo of Corgis and Cocktails and our feature blog post here.
Hopefully we will be putting together a few outfit ideas on a Friday,
alongside some accessories, shoes and bags.
Some of these posts will be in partnership with,
and feature items from Stafford Cottage in Minchinhampton,
as well as our own Made in Minch items.

Whilst I, Jen, would love to pledge a post every week, sometimes life will get in the way.
However, with a dedicated and helpful Husband/photographer,
an endless supply of gorgeous clothing
from Stafford Cottage(also extra pieces from my own wardrobe)
AND the fabulous backdrop of Minchinhampton,
this could be a fun summer project and collaboration.
Some outfits will be styled by myself, some by Shani
and some by Ruth (my Mum and owner of Stafford Cottage shop!)







Striped Tunic :: Capri at Stafford Cottage
Leggings :: Primark
Boots :: Florence and Fred
DREAM bracelet :: Stafford Cottage £13.50
Bag :: Blousey Brown at Stafford Cottage £74
necklace :: Stafford Cottage£12

Location :: The Park,Minchinhampton Common.
Bracelet photo – High Street.

Styled by :: Jen
Photography by :: James

What do you think?
Hurrah for new projects!!!
Dreams are Made in Minch


Guest Feature : Of Corgis and Cocktails


A warm welcome from our Cotswold corner this blustery evening.
How is today going for you?
We’ve been enjoying a lovely cup of tea and perusing the beautiful blog of one of Jen’s friends in America.

Katherine McAdoo is such a wonderful inspiration in every way.
Of Corgis and Cocktails is a fashion, photography and lifestyle blog about quirky fashion, adorkable pups, delicious foods, and more.
We were lucky enough to pin her down for a quick chatter to find out more about her inspiration and how she has developed as a blogger…

NewAboutImage OfCandCSpringYour blog has such a fabulous name and branding style, what was the inspiration?

I love the line in the poem from Alice and Wonderland, The Walrus and The Carpenter : ‘The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things.’ Well, I would like to talk of corgis and cocktails!

Source: via Judy on Pinterest

When did you set up “of Corgis and Cocktails”, and why?


I’ve been blogging to some extent for years. From 2 years of 365 projects (how I know Jen!) to a small time design and life blog, I had been participating in many communities without an established blog.


I moved to Pennsylvania on my own while my husband went to grad school, and I decided I wanted to get back into fashion and cataloging my outfits. It helps my confidence, is a great creative outlet, and just gives me a whole lot of things to do!


(Katherine was one of the most beautiful Brides ever, and had gorgeous colour scheme, styling and cutest wedding party!)


You have quite the following, how did you get established?

I’m not sure! I have made great connections and friends through my blog – really I believe the community I got into is just really supportive. I continue to reach out to people and try and grow.



Have you been featured anywhere?

A few small places – Turtle Love Co. featured me on their blog early on, I’ve had a post appear on Lucky, and I’ve done guest posts all over.


What is your favourite fashion style?

I really just love anything quirky. Animal prints are my favorite thing.


My favorite brand is Kate Spade right now

Source: via Eric on Pinterest


Do you have a Style icon whom you admire? 

I really love Jenny Lewis

and Zooey Deschanel.

I think is a great resource if you love what Zooey wears on new girl.

What is your weakness fashion wise?


Everything with animals! Things with dogs, foxes, bunnies, or any animal on them have me at first glance.

In terms of fashion, Do you have a fail-safe item from your own wardrobe that is a fashion fix-all?


I think my DIY half and half cardigan adds a nice accent to anything. I love it and it’s really easy to do.

What do you think are the trends to look out for this season?

I see a lot of vintage stylings, wide legged jeans again, and even more fit and flare dresses coming along.

Who are your daily reads and why?


The Clothes Horse – Rebecca dresses amazingly and lives in the same area as me which keeps me inspired because sometimes I feel a bit down about where I live!


Southern California Belle – Ashley is just terribly adorable, nice, and has the same love of fun prints as I do. I love keeping up with her life as well.

delightfully tacky

Delightfully Tacky – Elizabeth has such depth and I love reading whatever she writes about. Her style posts are amazing and always come with a story to keep me interested.


The Drawing Mannequin – I visit Ali’s site a lot. She is amazingly beautiful, genuine, and hilarious. She always makes me smile. Her posts are nothing short of amazing all of the time.

How do you get inspired?


Other people, new places, and just being around. Driving helps a lot – I come up with so many ideas on the road!

Why is your local area important to you?

This is a hard question for me because I am still relatively new to where I live! I think it is important to dive into local culture where ever you are. It will help you make more connections, find new things, and really enjoy life. I’ve found wonderful friends and food here!

8261990645_7245614452HofbrauhausMenu FiftyWestBrewingCompany

Do you have a favourite local place that you like to visit as a treat?

I like to travel into Philadelphia and Baltimore on weekends as much as possible. Both are awesome cities that are really close to me!

If you Google our village of Minchinhampton is there anything you would like to see up close?

Any good local restaurants are bars you would take me to if I came in! It’s hard to Google that kind of thing – you can find food, but recommendations of locals is the most important thing to rely on.
(One of our favourite places is The kitchen – We would take you to sample their cakes of dreams and afternoon tea. The hot chocolate is out of this world and the cinnamon toast is delicious!)


Any up and coming Of corgis and Cocktails news you’d like to share?

I think we are preparing for a nice move soon with my husband’s new position! We’re really exciting to be starting our lives together in one spot!

8261990163_d94ac2d361 8261989897_53a120a295 8261990257_b7cfc8fee4 8261990355_242055eab6

What is the plan for your blogs future?


Keep taking outfit photos, going on adventures, and sharing our recipes. I love the pace I’m going at and hope to keep it going strong and growing!

Thank you so much for sharing your story Katherine, its been wonderful to get to know you a little better.
We would like to share one of our favourite outfits from your blog that seems to embody your blog philosophy.
We love your style, positive, colourful and unique.
You are a constant inspiration, we can’t wait to see where your Of Corgis and Cocktails Adventures take you!

Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch!

Love S and J x


Weekend wishes : The colour POP outfit edition

There is a definate Autumnal feel in the air.
A favourite time of year for cold sunny walks and hot chocolate in a country pub.
It’s also a time for new outfits. Chunky knits, boots and layers are a firm easy favourite.
Co-ordination serendipity is definately a feel good factor when it pays off.


Autumn/Fall tones are inspiring


Yellow POP  must be all that damp rainclouds making us crave some sunshine!


Even some colour block shoes can transform an outfit.

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest


Bright and beautiful


There is always a good reason to wear Orange Trousers..

Source: via L on Pinterest


Love this laidback country girl style with an edge.


Adorable Pink handbag Pop


simple and sweet


Pretty blues

Source: via Maria on Pinterest


Spotted perfection.


Mix it up a little!

Source: via Camille on Pinterest



Perhaps a little summery, but the orange zing is too amazing to resist!


Love the attention to detail, especially the scene stealing red scarf.

Pretty transitional outfit.


Layers with a pink pop!


This season’s staple, the humble coloured skinny denim….


Seemed paticularly appropriate this soggy Sunday Evening!
Do you have a favourite outfit from this post?
What cheers you up when it’s miserable outside?

Watch out for a M-I-M update later this week on our latest craft ventures…

Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch

Love S+J x