ABOUT US : Redesigned



Made in Minch is the dream of two friends deep in the heart of the Cotswold hills.
We love to celebrate life here and love to share our delight in our hometown.
Contemporary crafts, fashion, lifestyle, and general loveliness fill our little part of cyber space.

Shani is one half of the “Made in Minch” dream team, with a love of all things creative and from a strong design background. You are likely to find her doing a million different crafty things at once, humming a little tune and sketching.
Third Generation Minchinhamptonite, Jen, meanwhile, will no doubt be found glued to her laptop getting inspired by buttons, fabric and photography. Any mention of spots or dots will have her head over heels!
We love to create unique, handmade delights for little ones and grown ups too 🙂 We adore all things handmade, slightly different and one of a kind. We are starting out in our own little crafty way, designing and making jewellery and fabric items, including children’s clothes. We make some to sell through local outlets, Stafford cottage in Minchinhampton, a few craft stalls and fairs.

If you are interested in finding out more, perhaps some custom made jewellery or a 4 in 1 dress design, please get in touch!

So have a look around, stop by and say hi – what do you think?
Handmade dreams are Made in Minch
Shani and Jen ❤


Jen’s One Little Word : Do

Hello a chilly check in here from our corner of the Cotswolds!
Do you ever find it difficult to get motivated to be creative in your daily life?
Do you wish to have meaning and purpose to your thoughts and your day?

Well I enrolled on a really fun One little word course in January by Ali Edwards.
I have been pleasantly surprised at how
motivating and inspiring one word has been for my 2013 so far.

My word is “DO” and here are my intentions for each month….

01january intentions orange

You get as much or as little from the course as you wish.
The (recommended) materials are American but
I have adapted to using a British A4 Ring Binder with plastic wallets.
This suits me perfectly, lots of pages can come straight out of the printer!

Our February Prompt has come straight from my teenage/art college years.
A good old fashioned cut and paste college.
I was pretty instinctive about this. Colours, patters, shapes….


This was my “real world” page.


When perusing my classmates pages, I was intrigued to see so many PINTEREST
Boards being used. I hadn’t even considered using mine! So here is my pinterest inspired board….

DO: [Do more] January : PINterest vision board
I was so inspired by the February vision board, and found through collecting images for it I could group them into my intentions for the year! So with that in mind, I am hoping to do a vision board for each month too! all images can be found on my pinterest acccount http://pinterest.com/jenmadeinminch/

Hope you have enjoyed learning more about my little word.
If you had one word to focus on for the year, what would it be?
Handmade dreams are Made in Minch
Jen 🙂

Window on our world : and a “Thank You” GIVEAWAY!

It’s a superbly Sunny Saturday here, in Minchinhampton.
We had a really productive day yesterday, and still had time for cuddles with baby!

Shani has been hard at work all week making the most beautiful white branches with fabric leaves and cherry blossoms.
We work at Stafford Cottage Shop in Minchinhampton. It is a Ladies clothing boutique with beautiful accessories…well worth a visit if you are ever in Minchinhampton.(along with a visit to THE KITCHEN – The cakes are the best.ever.created.)

We’d offered to do the windows for the Mothers Day run up, and we were a little obssessed with flowers and birds!

If you were in the village last night, you would have seen us, floodlit, battling with hanging these huge boughs in the gorgeous front windows of the shop. Hair tangles and giggles galore….it was a brilliant way to start the weekend!

Our little handmade birds are on a take over bid 🙂 They now have adorable little hanging bird houses (tutorial soon to follow) and these jolly little free standing fellows will soon be available in our etsy shop, but for now they are showcasing in the window on the High Street!

if you are a local blogger, come and see how many you can spot!


We are so pleased to be steadily gaining followers and fans, we’d like to run a giveaway!

In celebration of this we are opening a giveaway… if you’d like to be in with a chance of winning this handmade, one of a kind hair clip, leave a comment about your favourite photograph, item or feature on our blog, Good luck! We will draw a winner next Friday!
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch

Love S+J

Look our for weekend wishes about washi tape, and also learn how to make a photo/memo holder from using a cotton reel here!

Pancake Blog Party Week : MONDAY

Hello its Jen here, hijacking the Made in Minch blog for some food love!
Welcome to our Pancake Blog Party!
If you know me at all, you will probably already know how much I adore Pancakes.

Here is a low calorie version by Mama’s felt cafe  made in felt!

What with Pancake day arriving this week it is ridiculous how excited I am.

Really.Ridiculously. Excited.

Look who else is celebrating Pancake Style, UkHandmade have a delicious post, trust me it will be far too tempting, you will be unable to resist!
In honour of this, and to keep everyone posted , I solomnly swear to uphold week long promise and post everything that I make pancake related ….

(I must add a little disclaimer…My nephew is due to be born today!
If he decides to make his arrival into the world, some posts may be slightly delayed.)

Here we go! Enjoy Jx


Pancake batter
115 g (4 oz) plain flour
2 eggs, beaten
200 ml (7 fl oz) semi-skimmed milk
Chicken filling
450 g (1 lb) skinless boneless chicken breasts (fillets)
2 tbsp tomato puree
3 tbsp olive oil
grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp malt vinegar
1 tbsp demerara sugar
2 tsp clear honey
1 courgette, cut into matchsticks
Mixed veg stry fry + bean sprouts
1 tsp sesame seeds
2 tbsp rich soy sauce, plus more to serve
Based on a recipe found here

We’ve just finished ours, scrummy!
Let us know how yours turn out!

Hello world.

… and so it begins…
The dream of two Minchinhamptonites is finally starting to take flight.

Shani is one half of the “Made in Minch” dream team, with a love of all things creative and from a strong design background.
You are likely to find her doing a million different crafty things at once,  humming a little tune and sketching. A steaming cup of elderflower tea is always within reach.

Meanwhile, the other half … Jen, will be drooling over anything with spots and dots, talking faster than an express train and keeping a journal or sketchbook going. Earl Grey is her preferred tipple, along with the odd biscuit … or slice of cake … or chocolate buttons …

We both enjoy our food (though Jen still can’t cope with the spicier stuff – Shani’s gonna keep up the training on that one!) and Shani LOVES to cook, experimenting with ingredients all the time. Good job with family and friends who are dairy and wheat allergic or vegetarian. Still, it’s a good challenge.

So – Made in Minch. What are we about? We are starting out in our own little crafty way, designing and making jewellery and fabric items, including children’s clothes. We make some to sell through local outlets, craft stalls and fairs, but we also make items to order that can be customised for the individual taste.

Our latest venture is our 4-in-One dress. A pretty little wrap dress that has four sides, so it can be changed to different dress four ways! We have also designed reversible dungarees and reversible baby booties! Very useful with little ones when spillage occurs whilst you’re out, or you’re packing to go away for the weekend. Isn’t our little model cute?  So we sign off from our first ever post, we’re excited to see where this will go. We hope that other local crafters will get in touch and share inspiration to create a crafty community on line.

Lots of love,

S and J “Made in Minch”