An exciting day out

We had a lovely day out with Nails worth & District Flower Arrangement Society presenting
‘Discovering Diversity’ at Wycliffe College.
We were lucky enough to be invited to attend with our Made in  Minch stall accompanying Stafford Cottage.
We have been busy bees preparing  our stall, sewing frantically until the wee hours of this morning, making sure we had pretty dresses to display.
We have been scouting for new fabrics, combinations and inspiration, so be sure to drop by here to see what we are doing.
 The first part of the morning included a superbly inspiring talk on the Gardens of Japan by Writer Tony Russell , author of Gardens to visit. We had already mentally packed our travelleing wardrobe by the interval!
The cherry Blossoms, gardens and culture look so inviting….
In the afternoon we were treated to a whistlestop demo of 7 beautiful arrangements by National Demonstrator David Ryland.

As Jen only had the iphone, apologies for lack of clarity!
We were intrigued by David’s waistcoat.
it is made entirely from Black bin bags.
Knitting never looked so cool!
The corsage is made from tea bags…very clever!
If you came, we hope you popped over to day HI!
A wonderful day out, interesting, and a GOOD day for Made in Minch – Our 4 in  dresses flew off the shelf!
Do you have a favourite flower?

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch
S+J x


Dedicated to the ones we love :) – COMMISSION

It is only fitting to suggest Dedicated to the one I love by the Mamas and the Papas as a soundtrack to this post.
The reason behind this is because we had a rather special request for commisson for a dedication outfit.

We Adore the spots and checks, which combinations of fabric do you tend to gravitate towards?

Shani created the beautifully crafted dungarees, complete with poppers for easy changing, and Jen designed the free embroidered patch with personalised embellishment.

and just when it couldnt get any more cute,….. check out the booties 🙂
Fully reversable, and hopefully will be available on our etsy shop soon.We’ll keep you updated!

and here is the little man on his very special day

Here his is with his most amazingly co-ordinated family

Yes you are right to do a double take, Here is his Gorgeous big sister in one of our 4 in 1 dresses 🙂

On a rare Sunny March day in the UK, incase we don’t see a sunbeam again for a while…..This should cheer you up

A beautiful day for a Beautiful family
Thank you for letting us share your day
Handmade Dreams are Made in minch
SandJ xx

MiM Four-in-One Dress

This lovely little pinafore dress is one of our makes.
We choose four co-ordinating fabrics to make four apron-style pinafores that are backed together to create one dress with four different styles.
We started selling them at the Minchinhampton Country Fayre in 2011 and were excited to see the reaction they provoked on the streets of our little town.
To date we have sold more than 25 individually unique dresses. Each one is lovingly made and embelished to mirror the fabrics we’ve used.
We even personalise them to suit our customers, who can come and choose the fabrics they would like to incorporate and discuss embellishments with us.

We’ve launched one dress on Etsy to dip our toe in the water online.
These will be pre-made dresses that we have designed for the site.
We cannot offer the customised options at the moment.
We have had some lovely photos back from customers.
Come and peek and coo with us over these cuties!

Thank you to all of our lovely little models.
Don’t you think they look beautiful?
In our publicity photos, we used bubbles to keep our model occupied.
Do you have any other ideas for photo shoot distractions?
Please  let us know!!
Handmade dreams are Made in Minch

S & J x

Hello world.

… and so it begins…
The dream of two Minchinhamptonites is finally starting to take flight.

Shani is one half of the “Made in Minch” dream team, with a love of all things creative and from a strong design background.
You are likely to find her doing a million different crafty things at once,  humming a little tune and sketching. A steaming cup of elderflower tea is always within reach.

Meanwhile, the other half … Jen, will be drooling over anything with spots and dots, talking faster than an express train and keeping a journal or sketchbook going. Earl Grey is her preferred tipple, along with the odd biscuit … or slice of cake … or chocolate buttons …

We both enjoy our food (though Jen still can’t cope with the spicier stuff – Shani’s gonna keep up the training on that one!) and Shani LOVES to cook, experimenting with ingredients all the time. Good job with family and friends who are dairy and wheat allergic or vegetarian. Still, it’s a good challenge.

So – Made in Minch. What are we about? We are starting out in our own little crafty way, designing and making jewellery and fabric items, including children’s clothes. We make some to sell through local outlets, craft stalls and fairs, but we also make items to order that can be customised for the individual taste.

Our latest venture is our 4-in-One dress. A pretty little wrap dress that has four sides, so it can be changed to different dress four ways! We have also designed reversible dungarees and reversible baby booties! Very useful with little ones when spillage occurs whilst you’re out, or you’re packing to go away for the weekend. Isn’t our little model cute?  So we sign off from our first ever post, we’re excited to see where this will go. We hope that other local crafters will get in touch and share inspiration to create a crafty community on line.

Lots of love,

S and J “Made in Minch”