Tutorial : Washi Tape Bunting Cake Topper






This is the perfect, quick way to add a little fun to any form of cake, pudding, icecream, pizza… just about anything.
Want to know the best part? You only need a few items that you very much are likely to have in your craft stash already.

0 11. Knot a length of paper twine onto a kebab stick.

22. Tie them both securely. 33. Cut a length of Washi Tape, lay it under the twine.

44. Fold the ends over and press together


5. Continue !

6. Carry on until you have created as many flags as you’d like.
77. Decide how you want to shape the flags. Traditional triangle flags or inverted (as above) are both effective.
89. Add them to whatever food, treat or cake you’d like to jazz up a little!


Our beautiful cake from Buttercup Baking.
Could not recommend Sally and her delicious dairy free Summer fruits and meringue butter cream frosted cake more!
Look out for a more in depth feature later on this week …
Happy Weekend!
Handmade dreams are Made in Minch


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