GIVEAWAY & Fashion Friday : And you live your life with your arms stretched out.

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Hello there!
How has this week been treating you?

I went for a little potter this afternoon after work to put together a post,
whilst listening to Bright as Yellow by the innocence mission .

Lets talk about the shoes shall we?
My shoes were selected by my 16 month nephew with the most adorable
“ssssoooooesss peeeeessss”
Who am I to argue?
They are really comfortable with a small wedge heel and ankle strap.
One of the features I love, however, Β is the pattern inside the shoe.
Small details like that matter to me!
What is the element you look for when buying shoes?

The necklace is super light and at Β£6,
it really isn’t too hard on the pennies,
and looks really special. Win!

THe dress is one of my staple “go to” top/ dresses for this time of year.
It is long enough to be decent for work.
Cool enough that I don’t overheat (a major problem for me)
and covers up in a n elegant way.

The bracelet was a spur of the moment idea.
All you need is a pretty brooch (bee) and a string of freshwater pearls in a bracelet, and BOOM…
a pretty and unusual accessory.

On my explore (whilst running errands) I found these gorgeous
little yellow doors. I was so taken with them, they *had* to feature in here somewhere!

ff7 shoesandbagff7shoes4ff7braceletff7necklaceff7scarfff7scarfoutfitff7necklace scarves

Tunic Dress :: Adini at Stafford Cottage

Wedge shoes :: Brantano

Butterfly necklace :: Stafford cottage

Bowling bag :: Stafford Cottage


Location :: Well Hill, Roof terrace.

Styled by :: Jen
Photography by :: Jen

Happy weekend, are up to anything lovely?
Dont forget to enter our giveaway…details below!
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch


(International entries are subject to airmail/ postage costs …)
Giveaway will close at Sunday 30.06.13 at 8pm GMT

ff7 scarf bed runner
Just to give you an idea of how big these scarves are, they can be used as a bed runner!


16 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY & Fashion Friday : And you live your life with your arms stretched out.

  1. I like the pattern on the inside of the shoes too! I like things like that inside waistbands of jeans or collars too πŸ™‚ Love the bracelet with the bee!

  2. You clever sausage – your bee bracelet idea is Genius! Copy alert! Really like the whole outfit but I especially Love the bag, the shoes and the yellow doors πŸ™‚

  3. Yellow is the colour of hope. It reminds me of all things hopeful: sunshine, beaches, bees, sunflowers… When I have a daughter she will always b dressed in yellow. Love the yellow doors, love the yellow bee, and I know the shoes aren’t yellow… But I love them too! X

  4. Love the way you put all the pieces together and always look so stylish. Particularly like the bag and scarf and the bee bracelet. Maybe you should run some Stafford Cottage style sessions?

  5. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I really look forward to your Friday posts and I too love yellow. I’m a little bit in love with that bag…I may have to visit Stafford Cottage very soon! On a different note, my daughter Primrose wore her four-in-one dress today, she looks adorable in it. It took me ages to decide which way around but I needn’t have worried as she soon spilt a yoghurt down the front so I simply mopped her up and turned it around! I can’t see a way of uploading a pic though 😦 thanks Jen x

    • Thank you Karen, That bag is adorable, it comes in a few other colourways too. The Yellow is definitely my favourite also!
      Thank you for the lovely feedback about Primrose’s 4 in 1 dress! If you have some pictures perhaps you could email me them, (or I could use the one you text me) and I could do a post from that? It was lovely to see you earlier, wishing you a very Happy Sunday – enjoy the sunshine!
      You have been entered into the draw!

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