Fashion Friday : Wedding and Orange fever


Hello there.
As predicted, life has been a little hectic these days…
I can scarcely believe that we will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary soon…
In honour of that and whilst we had some lovely weather,
Here is a “Jen wedding style” Fashion Friday post.
I have discovered, or rediscovered should I say….

My love of all things Orange.
What is your favourite colour?

These Flowers were a gift and are my favourite hue…
I keep them in a precious spotty planter from our wedding.
A favourite reminder of a special day almost 3 years ago!

I am also more than a little bit in love with this dress.
The texture, the colour combinations and the shimmer
all create such a beautifully shaped dress that
really is perfect for any occasion.

2Now these really are occasion shoes.
They were kindly given to me by my Bride friend when I was her Bridesmaid last year.
I perhaps would not have chosen these for myself,
but they really are a very glamorous addition to my collection.
Those little orange toes?
For my birthday a friend gave me this gorgeous Nail varnish, tones in beautifully!


The bracelets are just darling.
Each with a little quote that can be read around the edge.
I really like the weight of them as a set, but they are sold individually too!

The bag is another of those rather nifty clutch/shoulder bag inventions…
This comes in remarkably handy at a party/wedding etc.
The choice of how to style it is really useful and practical too.

The gorgeous cardigan has become a staple for the summer already.
Its light, colourful and those little pleats add a touch of uniqueness.
The iridescent buttons are a really pretty touch also.

Make up wise, thoroughly recommend Vanessa at Brookes Beauty in the High St.
Vanessa has come to my rescue many times…
(*cough cough* Wedding day)
There is always a top notch service, perhaps with a giggle or two.
I leave with a smile, feeling ready to face my next occasion, prepared and confident.

4 5
11 cardiorange 6

Coral Cardigan :: Adini at Stafford Cottage

Dress :: Heart at Stafford Cottage

“Bridesmaid” Platform shoes (similar) :: Next

Sing, Live, Love Bracelets (sold seperately) :: Stafford Cottage £9

Bag :: Stafford Cottage £15

Location :: Our Roof terrace. Minchinhampton High St.

Styled by :: Jen and Coral
Photography by :: Jen & James

Happy weekend everyone, up to anything lovely?
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch

S + J x


6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday : Wedding and Orange fever

    • Thank you so much Susan, what a lovely thing to say. Lets make a date to have a trying on session at the shop again, it was so much fun!
      Thank s again for your kind comment and popping by

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