Weekend Wishes: The Lemon Edition

Hello Made in Minch readers!
How is your week going?
At M-I-M HQ, we have been a little
under the weather this week.
Consequently Pinterest became a great source of lemon
based home remedy concoctions…
Do you have a “go to” home remedy?
Lemons are the theme for this weeks Weekend wishes


Here are a few yellow felt flowers which will be a hairclip/brooch clip.
I made this today, it feels strangely productive!

Polyvore is so addictive!
This would be how I am planning to style my Joules dress.
Everything about this dress is very me!

Source: theberry.com via Christy on Pinterest

This is a rather adorable yellow coat.
I have one similar in grey.
A yellow one would be more cheerful!

Well, I am just a tiny bit obsessed with all things macaroons…
How cool are these lemon shaped ones?

A refreshing cucumber and Lemon Water drink…
Infused loveliness!

Source: kisswedding.com via Anne on Pinterest

Just because we are already married,
Doesn’t mean you can admire weddings!
Wow,what a beautiful colour scheme/theme here!

Source: folksy.com via Rhonda on Pinterest

A teeny tiny lemon meringue ring 🙂

Love these lemon accents in this room.
Sparingly used, it can be spectacularly effective!

Source: curbly.com via Julia on Pinterest

A pretty way to use up some lemons at home,
May try this this week

Source: society6.com via Karrah on Pinterest

Just because it made *me* laugh!
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
Enjoy your week! Jen

S+J x


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