Weekend Wishes : The high heeled Edition

As a recent covert Jen has been in training to wear heels.
This has inspired the newest illustration in her sketchbook…

Every Girl knows how important
a decent pair of high heels can be.
They can make or break and outfit

Make or break confidence.
High heels are not only a wardrobe luxury,
they are super pretty for inspiration too!
Check out the beautiful focus and opulence of this pair.

Source: tumblr.com via Aen on Pinterest

How about some jewellery for your feet?

No other words, other than WOW for this amazing shoe cake!

Source: cakewrecks.com via Lisa on Pinterest

The idea of making heels
shoe storage a feature

Source: diyprojects.tumblr.com via Hillary on Pinterest

Adore the way an outfit can be pulled together.

They can inspire an entire outfit
and be the finishing touch

Source: honeybeeinthecity.blogspot.co.uk via Jennifer on Pinterest

Do you have a quick fix,
go to favourite pair of heels?
Lets us know!
Have a fabulous weekend.
Handmade in Minch
s+j x


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