Weekend wishes : The Button Edition


 Welcome to the latest edition of our weeknd wishes feature.
its been so much fun researching and collecting ideas for this week….
Oh Buttons, how do we we love thee? Let us count the ways….
Nothing makes us happier than rootling through a lovely jar of buttons.
Check out Jen’s Storage idea for Buttons here.
Buttons are inexpensive, cheery, and readily accessible.
A perfect reason as to why we love them!
These necklaces have been by far our best seller in Minchinhampton.

Today, we have been busily making cute, brightly coloured, and affordable earrings
(available at Stafford Cottage – Minchinhampton)

Do you have a favourite Tshirt?

Use buttons as a feature to disguise an unsightly mark.


Buttons are not only pretty, but incredibly versitile.
Join us as we discover the many uses for these crafting favourites.

Source: victoriasecret.us.mn via Matha on Pinterest

Little flashes of colour for a button garland!

This would be gorgeous decoration for a baby/bridal shower!

Source: ohcrafts.net via Taylor on Pinterest

pretty adorable hair clips

Source: goo.gl via Francine on Pinterest


Make an art feature in a tiny tots room, or in your family room

Source: vetsforpets.net via Vera on Pinterest

add them onto a hairband for a sweetly unique accessory

Source: vetsforpets.net via Karen on Pinterest

Use them as unusual scrapbook page embellishments

Source: scrapbooksetc.com via Francine on Pinterest

this would make a pretty unusual wedding theme… beautifully done

Source: bbc.co.uk via neva on Pinterest

wow! What a statement necklace

Source: herblog.com via Ute on Pinterest Embellish a kraft coloured parcel

Source: cdn.babble.com via Becky on Pinterest

We can only wish buttons grew on trees 🙂

Source: imgfave.com via Kirsten on Pinterest

just in case you needed more button ideas

Thank you for joining us this weekend, Do you have lots of plans?
we’d love hear which of our inspiration posts have been your favourite in the Button edition
HAve a fabulous weekend
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
Love S+J X


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