Instant cheer: oilcloth DIY

It is ferociously nasty outside today.
The rain is lashing, the wind is howling, so hunker down
Stick the kettle on and come and cheer up with some easy,quick fixes
for brightening up your home.

PROJECT 1 Brighten up your kitchen table!

 We bought this gorgeous dark wood extendable table
and 4 chairs from Stroud Auctions for only a few pennies
Add a pretty oilcloth table cloth
Instant colour,
Life and cheeriness
hurrah for the Cath Kidston influence ūüôā

recovering an old cushion

Jazz up a tired chair. Use contemporary fabrics,
We used an apple print oil cloth


You will need
*Fabric /oilcloth
*seat pad
*drawing pins/stapler

First cut around the base of the seat cushion.
Remember to leave a decent border to accomodate
the depth of the cushion

The corners are the most important part of the operation!
Do not underestimate them. Take your time.

Pull the fabric tight against the 90 degree corner of the cushion.
Fold in the edges

If in doubt, follow the upholstery corner made before in the old fabric

Secure with a drawing pin
(if so desired repeat with a staple gun! Be careful!)

Secure the 4 corners first.
Work along the sides
Pulling to smooth out as you go.

Replace the seat pad and, ta da! all done!


PROJECT 3 mix and match bunting.
Raid your fabric stash.
c’mon you KNOW you have the perfect remenant somewhere.
Whizz up a few flags out of your favourites
and you have some instant summer,
even in this most foul of Aprils!

Source: via Stephane on Pinterest

Excuse us, now we are off to make more newborn presents…
it must be something in the water ūüôā
Have a fabulous Sunday.
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
S+J x

Weekend wishes : The Button Edition

 Welcome to the latest edition of our weeknd wishes feature.
its been so much fun researching and collecting ideas for this week….
Oh Buttons, how do we we love thee? Let us count the ways….
Nothing makes us happier than rootling through a lovely jar of buttons.
Check out Jen’s Storage idea for Buttons here.
Buttons are inexpensive, cheery, and readily accessible.
A perfect reason as to why we love them!
These necklaces have been by far our best seller in Minchinhampton.

Today, we have been busily making cute, brightly coloured, and affordable earrings
(available at Stafford Cottage – Minchinhampton)

Do you have a favourite Tshirt?

Use buttons as a feature to disguise an unsightly mark.


Buttons are not only pretty, but incredibly versitile.
Join us as we discover the many uses for these crafting favourites.

Source: via Matha on Pinterest

Little flashes of colour for a button garland!

This would be gorgeous decoration for a baby/bridal shower!

Source: via Taylor on Pinterest

pretty adorable hair clips

Source: via Francine on Pinterest


Make an art feature in a tiny tots room, or in your family room

Source: via Vera on Pinterest

add them onto a hairband for a sweetly unique accessory

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Use them as unusual scrapbook page embellishments

Source: via Francine on Pinterest

this would make a pretty unusual wedding theme… beautifully done

Source: via neva on Pinterest

wow! What a statement necklace

Source: via Ute on Pinterest Embellish a kraft coloured parcel

Source: via Becky on Pinterest

We can only wish buttons grew on trees ūüôā

Source: via Kirsten on Pinterest

just in case you needed more button ideas

Thank you for joining us this weekend, Do you have lots of plans?
we’d love hear which of our inspiration posts have been your favourite in the Button edition
HAve a fabulous weekend
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
Love S+J X

Weekend Wishes : The Wellington Boot Edition

Its been a mixed bag of tricks, weatherwise, in our corner of the cotswolds this weekend.
We’ve had everything from sunny picnic lunches, hailstorms, rainbows, rain like you wouldn’t believe and all in the space of a hour or so…. Its only fitting that we are prepared for such things… hence a wellington boot themed Weekend Wishes Edition.
Here we go! First off, what a beautiful example of illustration, and gorgeous handwriting

Source: Uploaded by user via Val on Pinterest

This is such an amazing way to use up your old wellies.

Jen seems to have a penchant for splitting them right on the inside on the foot….
1 cheap pair lasted for 15 years…then 6 pairs in 12 months alone!
At least they will get a new lease of life!

Work those wellies as part of an outfit.
Embrace your innerfashionista

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

look at the wellies for tiny tots!

Source: via colorandtexture on Pinterest

Customising wellies is a fabulous idea.
Especially if you stuck indoors with tiny ones.
Then it is mandatory to go out and test said newly designed footwear in some puddles.
Its only right.

Source: via Gwendoline on Pinterest

Next in our sights is this Welly Printed fabric.
If made in oilskin how cute would a little raincoat be out of this?!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Now we *really* get to it….. I have a friend who is getting perturbed at the forcast for her wedding in May… WORRY NOT!
This is for you! Living in the country we all love a good wedding.
This is just plain sensible!

Source: Uploaded by user via ADRIA on Pinterest

A wellington boot wearing bride…

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

Wedding/welly obsession much?!?!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

We love the idea of this necklace celebrating our famous weather

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

This is really impressive welly storage, dont you think?

There really  is nothing better!

We’ve packed a lot into our weekend already, and this morning looks no differesnt. Scrapbook commissions, 4 in 1 dresses, booties and dungarees… busy busy! But rest assured, we’ll be making the most out of the sunbeams and go splashing this afternoon.
What are your plans?
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
Love S+J x

Washed out Wednesday

Good afternoon on this washout of a Wednesday in our cotswold village.
What have you been upto whilst dodging raindrops?
Jen has been a busy bee sorting out her rather extensive button collection into these adorable gingham topped jars.
Not only are they rather eyecatching, they stack beautifully and make a feature out of your stash!


Shani has been creating more reversable booties , she is a one woman baby bootie making machine!

Back onto the subject of being inspired….today, we only had to look out of our window….
Somehow… it would have been great to have seen this ūüôā

Source: via Dana on Pinterest


This illustration will just blow you away

Whilst on the subject of a washout… how fun does this look to try?

Source: via Nicola on Pinterest

Just a thought for the day… and we agree, just look outside your door. See the beauty in everyday life.

Source: via Khalilah on Pinterest

What did you get up to today?

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch

WEEKEND WISHES :The Pincushion Edition

Well, we can safely say that this week we have HAMMERED our Pincushions …
What have you been up to?
Shani’s Teacup pincushion has been prodded and poked, and we thought it would be a great idea for an inspiration post.
Check out this wrist band design.

Very pretty Strawberry pincushions… cute

What an amazing idea, this could come in very handy for Shani!

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

As Jen does a lot of handstitching on the sofa, this would be so useful!

Love the tape measure scissor safe!

Beautiful colour combinations

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

of course there is this little beauty from our friends at very berry handmade

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

What do you use for a pincushion?

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch
Love S+J x

An exciting day out

We had a lovely day out with Nails worth & District Flower Arrangement Society presenting
‚ÄėDiscovering Diversity‚Äô at Wycliffe College.
We were lucky enough to be invited to attend with our Made in  Minch stall accompanying Stafford Cottage.
We have been busy bees preparing  our stall, sewing frantically until the wee hours of this morning, making sure we had pretty dresses to display.
We have been scouting for new fabrics, combinations and inspiration, so be sure to drop by here to see what we are doing.
 The first part of the morning included a superbly inspiring talk on the Gardens of Japan by Writer Tony Russell , author of Gardens to visit. We had already mentally packed our travelleing wardrobe by the interval!
The cherry Blossoms, gardens and culture look so inviting….
In the afternoon we were treated to a whistlestop demo of 7 beautiful arrangements by National Demonstrator David Ryland.

As Jen only had the iphone, apologies for lack of clarity!
We were intrigued by David’s waistcoat.
it is made entirely from Black bin bags.
Knitting never looked so cool!
The corsage is made from tea bags…very clever!
If you came, we hope you popped over to day HI!
A wonderful day out, interesting, and a GOOD day for Made in Minch РOur 4 in  dresses flew off the shelf!
Do you have a favourite flower?

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch
S+J x