GIVEAWAY WINNER and news with us…

It has been a ridiculously busy weekend in our tiny village.
Stafford Cottage (Our family run shop) had a fashion show on Friday.
We are glad to report that it was a huge success, and although we are exhausted….it was so worth it!

That said, we needed a little Made in Minch time, as we had missed our regular Friday Craft time….we made it up at the Birmingham Hobby Crafts and Sewing for Pleasure Exhibition on Sunday.
The selection of fabrics this time was incredible…we were happy bunnies and were eager to get home and start making. 

Which were your favourites?
(Shani loved the vintage toned florals and Jen loved the spots, the elephants and the cars….all of them infact!)

With one thing and another…this week ,again, might be a little sparse on the blog front, but rest assured that inspiration posts are being drafted out, sketchbooks are being filled and photos taken!
Hopefully next week (being half term) will lend itself nicely to our crafty endeavours!

GIVEAWAY winner is

….. FIONA!
Congratulations Fiona!
Your present will be winging it’s way to you shortly!
Thank you for your support
Have a Great week
Handmade Dreams are Made in Minch
S+J x


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