Weekend Wishes : Washi tape edition




Welcome to another wonderful weekend!
What a beautiful few days of gloriously unusual march sunshine…..
We’ve been busy, celebrating, family get togethers and creating too.
Here is our weekend mantra

Source: lushlee.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

We have been noticing the rapid rise of Washi tape over all of our little reads….

What is this Washi Tape, you may say….
Washi tape comes from Japan, it is a paper tape that comes in a huge array of patterns and colours. It is found in 1/4″ widths up to 2 1/2 inches.
It can be see through, and they are supplied on a roll, a little like normal masking tape.

Some great Projects on Pinterest
Just look at this iphone idea….. oh the possibilities 🙂

What about collecting some thrifted white house wares, decorated with washi bunting….

Source: google.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Our project using washi tape is here

Here is a gorgeous jam jar idea, how cute could you make your storage ideas with these?

Beautiful washi bunting flags, could be made for any excuse!

 There is a great tutorial as to how make your own here with MOLLIE MAKES

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch
Love S&J x

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