Weekend Wishes : The Craft space Edition


Welcome to yet another gorgeous weekend here In Minchinhampton!
We have had rain, sunshine and SNOW!…so this was rather appropriate

Shani has been a rather amazing superstar, and has been sewing until the early hours to make up an amazing dungarees commisson, which will hopefully feature later on in next week/end.
Mama and son were hugley pleased with them, and we were/are so excited to be delving into clothing designs and ideas for boys!

We had a great time on together on Friday, researching Craft Spaces….
We think it is incredibly important to have a space to think, create and make your own.
We found quite a few to share…

If space is an issue, how about an amazing crafting cupboard?


How adorable are those MAKE letters….. They’d be fun to try


Jen’s actual craft room (a snippet….there will be more when it has been organised!)

Look at the gorgeous scalloped shelves Shani found!

Source: jenduncan.typepad.com via Shani on Pinterest

Isn’t the colour palette above, just delicious?
What would your dream space be like? How do you keep organised?
Handmade dreams are Made in Minch
Love S&J x


6 thoughts on “Weekend Wishes : The Craft space Edition

  1. Love the look of those areas, and those scalloped shelves are so cute! I did a big reorganise at new year, and have a shelving unit from Ikea for my half yard and bigger cuts, plus 1 cubby of pre-cuts, and then I repurposed a couple of CD units to hold my fat quarters and smaller bits, plus my scrap baggies. I got a kids’ drawer unit for various bits of hardware too. Now to get my loft sorted out so I can store a whole pile of stuff up there so I can move around my bedroom again…

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