Weekend wishes – The soggy edition

We have had a fab new idea for a regular inspiration feature.


As we are both currently addicted to ETSY browsing and PINTEREST
Here is Shani’s Pinterest, and here is Jens!
At least a regular feature will make all the oooooohing and ahhhhhhhhhhhhing worthwhile and could make use of it!
Rain inspired idea borrowed from The felted Rainbow ….1. Multicoloured raindrops by Prissdesigns
2. Ocean rain by Btaylorquilts
3. Handpainted flats by Circumhorizontal

4. Raincloud silver necklace by Violetdalejewellery
A Perfect remedy for a soggy weekend!

Holed up with tiny tots running riot inside your house?
Cabin fever and running out ideas of how to keep them entertained?
Suit up…. Boot up and head on out into the pitter patter
Jump in Puddles!
There is no greater smile inducer!

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch
Love S&J x

Ps Dont forget our Daily Pancake Blog Party next week!


2 thoughts on “Weekend wishes – The soggy edition

  1. Will be there with the pancakes! Am so inspired by the little lady in wellies that i may well have my pancakes and then splash in some puddles! Love the raincloud necklace – so v cute! x

    • Thanks Rose 🙂
      She is a little beauty isn’t she?
      We’d love to hear your thoughts on the pancake Blog party!
      What weird concoctions can you and your boy come up with we wonder?
      Tomirusu Pancakes?!
      Love S+J

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