New fans, new feathery friends and YOU!


Greetings to you from a bitterly cold, but beautifully sunny Minchinhampton. Our two newest fans (Jen’s kitties) were too adorable not to deserve a little mention…

Digit and Nala investigate our latest postal order before it is dispatched











We have been busy bees here. We’ve been holding meetings, drafting ideas and late night creating sessions.It has been a busy and exciting time for us!

Fabric and wire birds for you to make

Peckish Feathery Friends

All in all it has been a very inspiring week.
Jen has been creating garland prototypes, photographing dresses and has been madly sketching. Meanwhile, Shani has made some beautiful free standing birds [ pictured above, pecking at some freshly baked muffins!] and the most gorgeous “Feathery friend” bird hair clips.Just come and meet these beautifully hand crafted teeny tiny birds, we think they make fabulous fascinator type accessories, perfect for any occasion.

Each one has a very unique personality and definately can be relied upon to choose their new owner! We were considering teaching the techniques in a workshop. Why not try something new? Would you be interested in joining us?
Jen is inspired by colour, texture and sparkly things, whilst Shani loves to experiment and visually explores endless possibilities! What inspires you?

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch

S&J x


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