Ideas for the New Year!

We’ve been thinking of things to make and do. We’ve come up with some new designs for dungarees (more for boys on the way), baby bubble pants and children’s hats.

Several people have asked whether we will be doing any workshops. We are looking into this idea and already have a couple of potential venues. What do you think about a fabric flower making session,  learning how to make yourself a pair of Kimono slippers, making a paper rose bouquet or fabric heart garland for Valentines? These are just a few of the ideas we’ve been dreaming up for you grown up crafters. Kid’s Craft workshop ideas include sock puppet making, fun with button jewellery, making a dressing up outfit (pirate, knight, fairy or princess).

Kimono slippers

fabric kimono slippers - pretty for summer or wearing in the house

Sock Puppet

a simple puppet for making with your child

Hand made things that you have done yourself give SO much pleasure and a far more special. We want to pass on our love of handmade and homemade goodies to you all.

A quick idea for keeping the kids happy if the weather’s too inclement to get outside. How about making a den in the house? Use a large bed sheet to cover the table and turn the resulting space beneath into a tent. Have an ‘outdoor’ tea – get out the plastic picnic stuff and cook the kind of food you might have if you were  camping. This one pan summer eggs recipe is a good one to get the children involved in preparing. For dessert. how about banana boats with hot chocolate? Read a good campfire story. Here is a short one that will get your children groaning at you!  The Chicken in the Library. You can embellish the basic storyline to pad it out and make it last longer.

Well, the fire’s on and hubby’s making a cuppa. Guess it’s time to stare at the flames and dream…

Handmade dreams are best

Shani and Jen


2 thoughts on “Ideas for the New Year!

  1. If you are making dungerees for boys, please may I order a pair to fit age 18 months. For Archie, of course!
    Those shoes/slippers look fab too….

    • Absolutely! Tell us what sort of colour scheme you would like, bearing in mind that they are reversible, and if you would like an applique image of an animal, vehicle etc. We generally do a bib pocket on one side and an applique detail on the other.

      S & J

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