Heart*felt* envelopes

Hello! and welcome to a new posting about the world of Made in Minch!
We have had yet another busy week, and are proud to introduce our newest collection to join the MIM family!
Here are the most adorable collection of letters in envelope brooches. Remember the joy of recieving a beautifully written piece of snail mail? Now you can have joy every day! Available in a muted palette of dusky pinks, olive greens, slate greys and watery blue… (brighter colours coming soon) These would make the most charming of unique, thoughtful gifts.
The large square Envelopes are (to the tip of the envelope flap) 6cm x 4cm , and the smaller ones are 4cm x 4cm.
Each one has been hand embroidered with a tiny message.
Why not surprise someone in your life?
Special commissions would be warmly welcomed!
Heart felt dreams are made in Minch
Love S+J x  



Ready for Valentine’s Day

some of the makes for February

Hearts, flowers and birds...what more do you need for romance?

Well… we’re thinking about what we could do for the Valentine week and have started making heart and flower garlands, paper roses with tags saying ‘I love you’ in all sorts of languages, heart-shaped brooches and more!

We have been getting together twice a week to come up with new ideas, try out prototypes and refine them into finished pieces to sell or patterns and instructions for kits. We’ve got some lovely new patterns in the mix for little people as well as lovely things for the home.

We get so much pleasure and contentment from coming up with these ideas and making them. It seems to help slow life down a little and put a little soul back into our days. We’re so looking forward to starting the workshops. A few more tweaks and then it will be gathering resources and advertising the classes! Phew!

Well, here are some more pics of the things that have made us smile and relax. Please comment and let us know what you think.

Handmade dreams heal the heart,

Shani and Jen xx

New fans, new feathery friends and YOU!


Greetings to you from a bitterly cold, but beautifully sunny Minchinhampton. Our two newest fans (Jen’s kitties) were too adorable not to deserve a little mention…

Digit and Nala investigate our latest postal order before it is dispatched











We have been busy bees here. We’ve been holding meetings, drafting ideas and late night creating sessions.It has been a busy and exciting time for us!

Fabric and wire birds for you to make

Peckish Feathery Friends

All in all it has been a very inspiring week.
Jen has been creating garland prototypes, photographing dresses and has been madly sketching. Meanwhile, Shani has made some beautiful free standing birds [ pictured above, pecking at some freshly baked muffins!] and the most gorgeous “Feathery friend” bird hair clips.Just come and meet these beautifully hand crafted teeny tiny birds, we think they make fabulous fascinator type accessories, perfect for any occasion.

Each one has a very unique personality and definately can be relied upon to choose their new owner! We were considering teaching the techniques in a workshop. Why not try something new? Would you be interested in joining us?
Jen is inspired by colour, texture and sparkly things, whilst Shani loves to experiment and visually explores endless possibilities! What inspires you?

Handmade dreams are Made in Minch

S&J x


Ideas for the New Year!

We’ve been thinking of things to make and do. We’ve come up with some new designs for dungarees (more for boys on the way), baby bubble pants and children’s hats.

Several people have asked whether we will be doing any workshops. We are looking into this idea and already have a couple of potential venues. What do you think about a fabric flower making session,  learning how to make yourself a pair of Kimono slippers, making a paper rose bouquet or fabric heart garland for Valentines? These are just a few of the ideas we’ve been dreaming up for you grown up crafters. Kid’s Craft workshop ideas include sock puppet making, fun with button jewellery, making a dressing up outfit (pirate, knight, fairy or princess).

Kimono slippers

fabric kimono slippers - pretty for summer or wearing in the house

Sock Puppet

a simple puppet for making with your child

Hand made things that you have done yourself give SO much pleasure and a far more special. We want to pass on our love of handmade and homemade goodies to you all.

A quick idea for keeping the kids happy if the weather’s too inclement to get outside. How about making a den in the house? Use a large bed sheet to cover the table and turn the resulting space beneath into a tent. Have an ‘outdoor’ tea – get out the plastic picnic stuff and cook the kind of food you might have if you were  camping. This one pan summer eggs recipe is a good one to get the children involved in preparing. For dessert. how about banana boats with hot chocolate? Read a good campfire story. Here is a short one that will get your children groaning at you!  The Chicken in the Library. You can embellish the basic storyline to pad it out and make it last longer.

Well, the fire’s on and hubby’s making a cuppa. Guess it’s time to stare at the flames and dream…

Handmade dreams are best

Shani and Jen

Hello world.

… and so it begins…
The dream of two Minchinhamptonites is finally starting to take flight.

Shani is one half of the “Made in Minch” dream team, with a love of all things creative and from a strong design background.
You are likely to find her doing a million different crafty things at once,  humming a little tune and sketching. A steaming cup of elderflower tea is always within reach.

Meanwhile, the other half … Jen, will be drooling over anything with spots and dots, talking faster than an express train and keeping a journal or sketchbook going. Earl Grey is her preferred tipple, along with the odd biscuit … or slice of cake … or chocolate buttons …

We both enjoy our food (though Jen still can’t cope with the spicier stuff – Shani’s gonna keep up the training on that one!) and Shani LOVES to cook, experimenting with ingredients all the time. Good job with family and friends who are dairy and wheat allergic or vegetarian. Still, it’s a good challenge.

So – Made in Minch. What are we about? We are starting out in our own little crafty way, designing and making jewellery and fabric items, including children’s clothes. We make some to sell through local outlets, craft stalls and fairs, but we also make items to order that can be customised for the individual taste.

Our latest venture is our 4-in-One dress. A pretty little wrap dress that has four sides, so it can be changed to different dress four ways! We have also designed reversible dungarees and reversible baby booties! Very useful with little ones when spillage occurs whilst you’re out, or you’re packing to go away for the weekend. Isn’t our little model cute?  So we sign off from our first ever post, we’re excited to see where this will go. We hope that other local crafters will get in touch and share inspiration to create a crafty community on line.

Lots of love,

S and J “Made in Minch”